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Building Integration Modelling

From our inception, EirEng has embraced BIM and have invested heavily in software in both Structural and Civil Engineering. Our team makes extensive use of this 3-D modelling in our design and detailing to ensure that all aspects of the project are fully co-ordinated. This also allows the future flexibility to be planned in detail at an early stage with the added advantage that a co-ordinated Revit 3-D model of a project is an invaluable tool for any facilities manager.

All projects start with an idea or a concept. The aim of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is to transform to concept to a fully Integrated 3-Dimensional data rich model. A model that will serve the Client for the life span of the Building and enable the Client to visualise and make quick decisions during the design process.

From the Original Concept an Initial Architectural Model is produced.

This will define the building envelopment and the major components of the building;

  • Foundations
  • Walls
  • Roofs
  • Glazing/Cladding



The model is then exported to the engineering design team, this allows for an initial assessment to be made and a structural frame to be generated.

The third major component of the model is the Mechanical & Electrical installation. As with the structural frame this is typically modelled independently but using the architectural and engineering frame models to determine the constraints and most efficient routes for services.

The structural elements and mechanical & electrical elements are then re-imported to the architectural model. From here the combined elements can be analysed, refined and considered decisions made. The end product is a fully co-ordinated data rich model which provides a wealth of information for contractors, quantity surveyors, building maintenance, future design teams and clients.

The Building Information Model goes far beyond a visual or a documentation tool. It is a data rich model. The intentions being to keep all the information relating to a building within a central location.


EirEng are dedicated to delivering projects using the latest BIM software and design software which seamlessly integrates with BIM models, our capabilities include:

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